Next Camino

I will start my next Camino on April 12, 2013.
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34th day

Wednesday 2011-10-12

Walked from Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela, 20 km

Started at 06:55 and finished at 11:15

Total distance covered: 777 km

Remaining distance: 0 km

I started later than normal. I soon realized that I could make it to SDC for the 12:00 pilgrim mass at the cathedral if I walked fast. I made few stops and short brakes.

Stopped briefly at the monument at Monte de Gozo.

I arrived at the plaza outside the cathedral at 11:15.

Right away I met the finnish guy I walked with before and I also met Ursula and Juan José.  I went into the cathedral with my stick and backpack. I saw Ursula and Juan. They reserved a seat for me. The cathedral was crowded today because of a national holiday.  This also means that the Botafumeiro (Incense burned in a swinging metal container), will be swinged today. I became very emotional during mass because I was thinking of Fredrik and all the thoughts I have had. At the point were we all greet eachother all pilgrims close by hugged eachother.

Afterwards the pilgrims I knew went and had a beer or two together. Taking pictures and talking about our common experinces.

Then I went to the pilgrim office to get my compostela (certificate). There I met the australian couple I have had beer and dinner with several nights. We decided to make contact later tonight.

I walked to my hotel and checked in. Took a shower and relaxed a little. Then I walked to the train station nearby and purchased my train ticket to Madrid saturday night. Quite reasonable price, 57 € for a sleeper car.

All pilgrims who went to mass gathered on the square outside the cathedral at 19:00 for a lot of hugging and taking pictures of eachother and finally a nice group photo.

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33rd day

Tuesday 2011-10-11

Walked from Ribadiso da Baixo to Pedrouzo, 22 km

Started at 06:50 and finished at 12:00

Total distance covered: 757 km

Remaining distance: 20 km

Walked by myself all day. Walked pretty fast and was already at the albergue at 12:00. Tonight will be my last night on the camino. Tomorrow I will be in SDC and will stay in a hotel, no more albergues. I will try to find some of my friends and have a drink together.

I am staying in an albergue called Porta de Santiago.


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32nd day

Monday 2011-10-10

Walked from Palas de Rei to Ribadiso da Baixo, 23 km

Started at 06:30 and finished at 13:00

Total distance covered: 735,5 km

Remaining distance: 41,5 km

Today I walked alone the whole way. As usual an early start, trying to find my way out of the town. Looking carefully for the signs and yellow arrows. After two hours I stopped at a cafe called “The two Deutsche”. Had a cafe con leche and fresh orange juice.

Today I have been thinking a lot of how to conclude my camino, which comes to an end on wednesday. Questions like:

  • What did I learn?
  • Would I do it again?
  • What friends did I meet?
  • What will people think about my adventure?
  • Will I be a changed person?
  • Have my guilt feelings for Fredrik’s death changed?

Of course it is really to early to conclude anything, I just wanted to raise the questions.

I decied to stay at the nice albergue in Ribadiso, where we stayed on June 14.

Tomorrow I will go to Pedrouzo. Just two more days to Santiago.


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31st day

Sunday 2011-10-09

Walked from Portomarin to Palas de Rei, 22 km

Started at 06:20 and finished at 12:30

Total distance covered: 712,5 km

Remaining distance: 64,5 km

It was quite cold when I started. Long uphill stretch, not so steep this time. I had enough of steep hills. Came to Gonzar at 08:30, where we stayed on June 11. Had coffee and met my walking partner frpm last couple of days, Maria from The Netherlands. The path along the roads are boring and not much to see.

When we are coming to the small galician villages, it is nice. Old people herding the cows on the roads through town.

At 12:30 we arrived at Albergue Buen Csmino, where we stayed on June 12 this year.

Tomorrow I will go to Ribadiso. Only 3 days left to SDC.

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30th day

Saturday 2011-10-08

Walked from Sarria to Portomarin, 21,5 km

Started at 06:00 and finished at 12:00

Total distance covered: 690,5 km

Remaining distance: 86,5 km

Started in darkness from the hotel and walked to next albergue for the first coffee. There I met Maria from the Netherlands, who I walked with yesterday. Walked in the nice Galician landscape with stone hedges and tree covered paths. A must photo opportunity is the 100 km post.


I start to feel a little tired in my body after 30 days on the road and start thinking on my trip back to home. I guess I am little home sick.

After a long descent we came to the bridge over to Portomarin.

Tonight I am staying in the Albergue Ferramenteiro. Quite big, but nice and clean. Tomorrow I go to Palas de Rei. Only four days to SDC.

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